MOIP (Moscow Society of Naturalists) is a unique social phenomenon in Russia’s life. The Society was founded under the auspice of the Moscow University in 1805, and throughout its history neither abandoned its activity nor cut off its connection with the University. And all this was despite the wars and revolutions, country’s economy slowing and recovery.

Throughout its existence, the Society has survived three social and economic periods changing in the country’s life (czarist regime, Soviet government and modern era). The Society has celebrated two-hundredth anniversary, so it is quite natural it had a lot of members from different generations.

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  • 1805

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  • 1931



  • 4.7

    Public Lecture Hall

    In the course of science popularization program MOIP shall set up a project called “Public Lecture Hall”. In the course of the project holding we shall have meetings to be held …

  • Libary

    Digitization of the MSN library

    We are working on the restoration and digitaziation of the Moscow Naturalist Society library. This will allow to avoid readers’ direct contact. This will allow to avoid readers’…

  • 2

    Snows of Kilimanjaro

    The expedition is dedicated to the 210th anniversary of the MNS and the 80th anniversary of E. Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro. In October 2015, the Society’s members,…




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Новая книга С. Багоцкого

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The MNS library is one of Russia’s largest and contains about half a million books. The history of the library starts from the book collection of Fischer von Waldheim, the Society’s first director. The collection itself included several thousand volumes. D. Shelaputin, a merchant and the Society’s member, handed over more than 2,500 rare books to the library in 1831. Princess Z. Volkonskay also donated a large number of books.

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